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Generate REAL 5 star positive reviews from your customers.

Easy to Use, Top-Notch Support

Generate REAL 5 star positive reviews from your customers.

Easy to Use, Top-Notch Support

Works great, we went from 60 reviews to 190 in no time.

91% of 18-34 year olds trust reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

Before using Review Software

reviews before using 5-star review software

After using Review Software

reviews after using 5-star review software

40% of customers only trust reviews written in the past 2 weeks!

How It Works


5-star review software step one icon When a customer makes a purchase at your store enter their email into your existing Constant Contact list.


5-star review software step two icon That customer will be automatically emailed a request for feedback. This email makes it easy for them to leave a review online.


5-star review software step three icon If they loved your service and click the positive button they will be directed to the review platforms of your choice. If they are unhappy they get to email you directly with feedback on how you can improve.


5-star review software step four icon Your customer leaves you an incredible review and your business increases!

Remember 94% of consumers interviewed choose a business with 4 star+ ranking!

Only $135/mo per location!

2 months free with an Annual Plan!

Dedicated support team with almost no day-to-day owner involvement.

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Setup is really easy, you simply schedule a call at a convenient time for you and one of our Customer Success Specialists will confirm all of the information that we need about your business. It's our job to put that information into the system. After your phone call, your service is generally live within an hour, but sometimes if you've asked for some special additions it can take a couple of business days to add in the custom functionality.
It's really easy to add lots of customers, you can either email the list to your Success Specialist, or if you prefer to upload your list then we can give you an easy to use form.
There is no limit, in fact many of our customers upload large files with duplicate data all the time. We make sure that our tools are easy to use and we let our developers deal with makeing sure it works so that you don't have to.
We can certainly try! We've integrated with many of our client's systems, there are some point of sale and CRM tools out there that are very hard to integrate with, and in those cases we work really hard to provide our clients with very easy to use alternatives
By proactively asking your customers to provide feedback, our system gives unhappy customers an opportunity to provide private feedback directly to your management. This helps you to become aware of issues, but it also gives your customers a private outlet to voice their frustrations, drastically reducing the likelihood of recieving negative public reviews.
Email delivery is actually very hard and specialized work. It's very easy to be put on a blacklist and have all of your company emails screened out as spam by the major email providers. While we work very hard to do everything right, the reality is that algorithms change and temporary bans are always a risk. For that reason we will never send and never ask to send emails on your behalf using your domain names. We use custom domain names to help protect your brand at all times so that you never have to worry
Yes, we're happy to setup a custom branded domain name for your Review Software service. There is a one time setup fee and we will take care of all the details for you.

About Review Software from Magnumpus Solutions

By focusing on the direct needs of our clients, Magnumpus Solutions has developed the easiest-to-use Review Software on the market today. We realize that our clients are busy running their business, too busy to spend time worrying about struggling with complex technical tools. That's why we've developed a system where our clients spend less than 5 minutes per month on collecting reviews from their clients. Support is just an email away, and we're happy to help coach and develop workflows to make your daily live easier. We've integrated the Review Software into our client's CRMs, provided customized file upload forms for easy uploading of 3rd party software reports, and provided simple, easy to use input tools so that ANY employee can add customers seamlessly on the spot at checkout. Basically we take care of whatever details our clients need so that they can focus on growing their business.

Our Customers LOVE the results!

Works great, we went from 60 reviews to 190 in no time.

Couldn't be happier with their service. Price is right, customer service is excellent and the reviews keep coming in!

Great service... does all the legwork in requesting customer reviews!

Easy to use, works as promised and plenty of reviews online!!! Very efficient and helpful customer service!!!

This software has really improved my collection of reviews 10 fold.

If it weren't for their services I would still have less than 100 reviews online, and now I have almost 300, and all of that in about a year of working with them.

It's also super intuitive and easy to set up. Not to mention cheaper than the other guys.

This is a great tool to get the reviews you need for your business at a reasonable price. I'm so glad I found you guys.